A Very Full Life

This life I have is full. I rarely complain becuase I have carefully chosen each piece of it. But, I am the first to admit that I have a lot going on. So, In the middle of the "busy" season I decided to take a break and enjoy some family time. Last Sunday we packed up the car and drove to spend Thanksgiving with family in Missouri. 12 hours in the car with two non-stop-talking little girls is enough to drive any Mama crazy but, surprisingly, I found it mostly peaceful. This week has been full of all the things Home means to me. Naps, Runs and Books. To my girls Home means cookies, endless hugs and movie marathons. Here, we are all taken care of. Among the craziness of the season this family of mine is what brings me comfort every night and greets me with love every morning. I wish each of you a happy Turkey weekend and a life full of the things you choose to love.